Hi, I’m Melanie

Baking with my youngest son.

I stumbled into this journey of milling whole grains and beans at home, and it changed our lives. Ultimately, healing happened. Energy skyrocketed. Finally, I dug in to figure out WHY pulverizing wheat berries in my high powered blender led to healing.

While I’ve been on many paths in life, I can see them merging with this one of freshly milled flour. Hence, I’m here to share the HOW of making truly healthy and delicious food that’s actually healing in a practical, care-free way that can be fun and easy.

Rest assured that I’ll be exploring and sharing this journey as we go – successes, failures, and silver linings. Presently, I’m writing a book on baking and cooking with fresh milled flour. It will be your go-to guide for fresh milled flour with ease and creativity.

My Mission

Finally, It’s my goal to get freshly milled flour into kitchens around the world, businesses included. I already have a local business milling whole grains for cookie classes, and am working on a few more. Particularly, I want the availability of 100% freshly milled, whole grain flour to be vast and affordable to all. Come learn with me in my kitchen, this blog, or from the pages of the book in progress. Cook and bake with food freedom and fresh whole grain flour that’s scrumptious.