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Convert Recipes Seamlessly with Our Yeast to Sourdough Calculator

Calculating the math for recipe conversions can be a challenge. Our specialized calculator helps you effortlessly determine the right amounts of yeast, flour, and water when converting your favorite recipes from yeast to sourdough or vice versa.

Key Considerations When Converting Recipes

While other ingredients might not significantly impact the yeast sourdough conversion, those that contribute to flour content or hydration do matter. In the future, we aim to create a master calculator that accounts for hydration fractions of various ingredients (a feature currently in my spreadsheets for when I’m feeling extra geeky).

How to Use the Calculator

Simply input the amounts of flour, water, yudane water, and vital wheat gluten (if using). If not, leave those fields as zero. Select whether your current recipe uses yeast or sourdough, enter the amount specified in the recipe, and our calculator will convert it for you to sourdough.

Why This Yeast and Sourdough Calculator is Essential

Converting sourdough and yeast not only changes the amounts of yeast but also the flour and water ratios. While the amounts of yudane and vital wheat gluten remain unchanged, they affect hydration, making them crucial for precise baking.

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